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Friday, March 27, 2009

FEMA Semi's and Disposable Wipes.

My husband called home from work yesterday to tell me he had just seen 3 large semi trucks with FEMA and it's logo written along it's side. Well I gotta tell ya that sent chills down my spine. That same day there was all this info on the news about those mass graves being dug at the National Memorial Cemetery in Arizona and I was reminded of all those plastic coffins being stock piled around the country. Well call me kookie, I don't care, but it was enough to spur me to buy gas masks for the family that very day! Few things about all this prepping, for what ever is coming out way, chill me as much as the thought of an engineered plague! An enemy I can see I can fight! Right? Please buy Colloidal Silver before they take it off the shelves. Buy a solar Colloidal Silver generator! Read and learn about herbs. Make your tinctures to build and strengthen your immune system. Start doing cleanses and fasts to clean out your system. Do a liver cleanse! Juice or water fast for a couple days every month. The healthier we are the stronger we are! All of these ideas have been proven to be helpful and have been done for centuries. Interestingly, I was once told that the term "born with a silver spoon in your mouth" came from the plague era. Because apparently they were aware that the rich or those able to afford "silver ware" lived/survived the plague better than the poor schmucks eating off of wooden spoons.
I would like to pass on an idea to add to your bug out bags and supplies. Maby you've already done this but I was concerned about keeping myself and my family clean in a situation where we have to split and hide for a time. Toilet paper was also a worry. I know of many plants to use but be honest, plants just are not as satisfying :) Also disposable wipes will run out. So I bought some of those round containers of disposable wipes. (Take them out and put in a zip lock to use later). Buy some soft terry cloth, (1 or 2 yards), and cut them to the size of the disposable wipes, approx. 8 x 10 inches. Then stitch along sides so they won't unravel & will keep their shape. When finished, roll them up so they fit in your disposable wipes container and will pop out of the top. Then mix up a little good quality soap with water and pour over your wipes till just wet. These can then be used in place of disposable wipes and they are washable. I've used these when camping and hiking and just love them. In the summer, to help repel biting bugs, you can add some essential oil of citronella to one of the wipes, then "wash" your exposed body parts.
Keep on preppin!


Kymber said...

Excellent advice and great tips here Outraged Patriot! Thanks!

Joel the K said...

I salute you for posting Obama deception. Good job. Creepy about the FEMA trucks, very creepy.Oh, i think witch hazel might work really well for the wipes. I have bought huge jugs of it for "bird" baths, if the time comes when no running water is available. Great post Opie.

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