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Friday, April 3, 2009

Gas Masks

I have been in a bit of a funk this last week. It's all just pointless worry, I understand that, but also I've been chewing on the future after this big G20 meeting. I, like a lot of you folks, are probably dreading the changes that are going to come about because of this treasonous meeting with the ruling elite.
But what I really want to write about is Gas Masks. I sincerely believe that we ARE going to need them. All the news and their own agenda demands that all of us "useless eaters" be eliminated. I have to admit that I put off buying them until just this last week. Have you bought yours yet? If not, why haven't you bought any for your family? What is your reason? Do you think we won't need them? Is it a useless expense? Do other items seem more important? I personally worked my way through every excuse I could think of over the course of the last few months. I would find every excuse I could to rationalize not buy them. Then it dawned on me that all my "reasoning" was really just excuses to not face the almost irrational fear that showed up deep in my spirit when I would think about buying them! But honestly, the thought of using, the reality of needing these gas masks, was for us, a blind spot I think. You can fight an enemy you can see, you can find food & shelter, you can be resourceful & survive. This reality takes us to a place of such extreme nightmarish scenes of a possible reality, that I think most people reflexively shun it. People do that. They avoid looking at what makes them most afraid. This was obviously my biggest fear. But lately the news about all the mass graves being dug. Here: http://www.infowars.com/more-mass-graves-houston-expands-cemetery/ All the millions of black plastic coffins around the country. Here: http://www.infowars.com/plastic-coffin-liners-being-delivered-by-the-truckloads/ Reports of FEMA trains rolling across the country. The constant background noise in the news about "Pandemic bird flu". Please watch this movie called "The Bird Flu Hoax" Here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=D219227FD86561FA There are 12 clips and it is time well spent educating yourself on the agenda! (At the end of the documentary the man giving it was reading a speech given by Mr. Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission. This speech was disturbing and revealing of a mind set. You can read the entire speech here: http://en.epochtimes.com/news/5-8-8/31055.html) This documentation was the final push for me. It was so relevant and probable. It was so sobering that I finally realized my fear, accepted it and did what I knew I needed to do and bought the darn things!
These and so much more all point to needing gas masks. I think of it as insurance I can carry with me. We obviously don't have any way of knowing if we will need to use them but let me tell you that since I placed my order and now that I have them in my possession I am sleeping a little better! We buy insurance for our cars, our toys, our house and for our lives. This is insurance for the future. And peace of mind is Priceless! I did some checking on the net and really liked best the offer from our patriot friend Joel over at PatriotsCave.blogspot.com. They are priced the best on the web that I found. You can buy either just the masks or an entire suit with the masks. They are new, not surplus and possibly old or defective. They came with a groovy carry sack. Easy to put on and wear. They fit as comfortably as something like that could. I love them. I am happy I finally bought them. Please don't wait any longer to buy them. If you have any hidden fear or justification for not buying them, take a deep breath, face your fear, then buy them anyway! You'll sleep better and if TSHTF you'll be ok!

Buy them here: http://www.familygasmask.com/

Knowledge is Power!

Keep on preppin!


Joel the K said...

Thank you for your endorsement. I appreciate that very much. I am glad you have taken this most crucial step towards being prepared for anything. I'm glad you got your prep on!

Joel the K said...

Oh, thanks for spreading the birdflu hoax video. That video should be at the top of youtube. It should have links on every Truth/Survival/Prepper site in the country. I urge people to see all 12 parts. Spanish Flu is what they are REALLY up to. And birdflu is the distraction they will use. Thanks for posting that video. I pray folks will take the time to really watch it.

Humble wife said...

This is a great warning and advice. We must understand to the NWO the majority of people are a waste that need to be eradicated.

Keep on posting!

TheSurvivor said...

Amen! Keep ready for anything!!! Who cares about Bird Flu - just a simple chemical spill nearby warrants being prepared!!!


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