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Monday, March 23, 2009

This Post is for the Ladies!

OK fellas you might want to skip this post! If you are brave enough to read it, you can pass it on to your lady friends :)

I read a lot about prepping supplies and I often see "feminine products" on the list. But ask yourself this: are we really going to be able to store (or god forbid-carry!) enough? About 6 months ago I changed my thinking on all this. If you are interested in an option other than commercial feminine products read on. My thinking on this started to change this last year as I realized that we are staring into the face of an extended period of upheaval. Then I realized that I have two daughters that are heading into their blossoming time and so I have to store for 3 women! Well that seemed daunting! So I looked for an alternative. I figured if all hell breaks loose and I have to bug out for some reason than that is one thing I do NOT want to have to worry about carrying a lot of. The two products I have chosen for myself and my girls is the "Moon Pads" or "Glad Rags" and also a "Moon Cup". You can check out these two links to get you started Here: http://www.moonpads.com.au/

And Here:http://www.freedompondmoonworks.com/pb/wp_d551d31c.html

I have been using the moon pads for awhile now and love them. I bought my first batch but then just made a bunch after that. You can find a pattern on line for free or to buy. The moon cup is just a great alternative to tampons. This soft, natural gum rubber cup collects the flow rather than absorbing it, so the vaginal tissues aren't dried out as they can be by tampons. Both these products fit my newly developing ideas that to be as prepared as we can be we need to think small and efficient. Did I really want to carry all those products that are bulky and that I'd have to dispose of, (for 3 people) or did I need to make a change? The answer was really an easy one for me. Both the cup and a handful of moon pads fit into a small zip lock bag. They are washable and almost never wear out. Check them out if you don't already use them. I kinda have to laugh at this post. So many things on prepping but I've not seen anything out there for the women on this issue and figured I'd be brave and throw it out there for all you ladies that have been thinking about this issue too!

Keep on preppin!

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