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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Growing a garden Indoors

I thought today I would share our garden with you. We do grow outside in the summer but recently decided to grow our main garden indoors. We wanted to be able grow what we eat year round and if TSHTF we don't have to worry about prying, hungry eyes raiding our garden. It is also quickly portable if we needed to "bug out". We decided to go with a product from http://www.futuregarden.com/. It is called called a 'smart garden' since it automatically waters its self and does not require power! Pretty cool. We looked into their hydroponic set and loved it and the price but we wanted something that was both portable and required no power. This fit the bill for us. We have a corner of the "school room" which sits between an east facing window and a south facing window set up with this system and hung a couple of grow lights for added growth during the darker days. We can grow all our vegies that we eat weekly with this set up and they are fresh, organic and all we have to do is walk into the next room and pick all the peas, beans, lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, and swiss chard that we can eat. I also have some of our favorite herbs and medicinal plants. This system feeds our family of 4 with extra for dehydrating and storing. I grow the tomatoes, beets, carrots and radish in a different type of pot that I get from Smart Pots. Link here: http://www.smartpots.com/. All it takes is a little bit of planning and rotating of plants. I also use the system called "square foot gardening" and it helps with planning for both our indoor and outdoor garden. Growing with this philosophy affords more food in less space.

When you figure the cost of a cucumber here is $1.00 each, the cost of a rock hard imported tomato, which I'm sure is GMO, costs $2.87 a pound (on sale) which is apporoximately 1 tomato. Lettuce is $2.50 a bag here. A pound of beens costs $3.50 a pound, a pound of carrots costs $2.50. If you add that up: 5 cukes a week, 5 tomatoes a week and 2 bags of lettuce, 1 pound of beans and carrots it would cost: $30.35 a week in the store! That's $120.00 dollars a month and I've only listed a few things. It doesn't take long for you to pay for the cost of the system! It is a wonderful feeling to be able to pick and eat our own grown food. Healthy heirloom veggies full of vitamin and minerals and no toxic junk.....YUMM By the way I don't work for this company I just love it and use. Although I've told so many people about it maby I should ask them for a percentage :)

Share the info. Pass it on!
Knowledge is Power!
Peace to us all!


Kymber said...

Allright - you have convinced me! and i don't care if you work for the company or not - (although if you don't - you really should contact them for some sort of royalty fee!)- i buy things based on word of mouth! Thanks for this info and please keep up with the awesome posts!

(and really - thanks for this info and the links!)

erniesjourney said...

This is way coll - thanks for the link!

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