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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

South Dakota Wilderness training area?

by medic72 » Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:44 pm

i was checking out places in south dakota to go and do some wilderness survival on vacation and i came across this article.

i am going to post the original link so everyone can check out all the pictures etc.

Badlands Wilderness Area – South Dakota
Posted on September 17, 2010 by Adam
Answer: The largest undisturbed mixed prairie habitat remaining in the United States.

Question: What is the South Dakota Badlands Wilderness Area?

There’s more to South Dakota than Harley’s and the dynamite scarred mountainside of patriotism gone awry. Just 80 miles west of Rapid City lies the north unit of Badlands National Park. After paying the initial $15 for your seven day pass, drive past the full-service campgrounds and past the gridlocked viewpoints to the park’s best kept secret, the Badlands Wilderness Area.

Set aside by Congress in 1976, the Badlands Wilderness Area consists of 65k acres of pristine backcountry and is home to the bison, bighorn sheep, coyote, mule deer, prairie dog, and rattlesnake. After a short drive on the unpaved but car friendly Sage Creek Rim Road, park your car at the free, first come first serve Sage Creek Campground. Expect to find covered picnic tables and pit toilets but not much of anything else – it’s primitive and your only point of entry into the Wilderness Area.

Prior to starting any day hike or overnight trip you will need to sign the area’s register at the campground/backcountry boundary. All that is required is the general area of where you expect to hike and or camp as well as how long you intend on staying. It’s that simple. No camping fees, no permits, no trails…make a plan and go with it.

Naturally, navigation skills will be most critical so pack a detailed topo (trails illustrated – badlands national park) and compass. Be sure to pack in all of your water, there is no drinking water available in the campground or backcountry. Also, southwestern south dakota is subject to inclement weather and conditions can change rather quickly so pay attention to the sky and when looking for camp, do keep high winds, heavy rains, and violent electrical storms in mind.

Assuming your trip has been blessed by good weather, hold off on the shut eye. Clear air and minimal light pollution make the Badlands premier star gazing country. I didn’t care to count but park officials boast over 7500 stars, galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, planets, and moons are visible to the naked eye on any given night. Regardless, break out the peace pipe and get ready to ponder your place in the cosmos.

here s the original link to the website i found it on, the website itself looks pretty informative for gear etc.


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