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Sunday, June 13, 2010

This news needs to be passed on.....

Well it just keeps getting stranger and more unbelievable every day. I have been following the disaster on the gulf like everyone else i hope and it confounds me that their is so little info coming out of the area. It amazes me that so many states are so quiet about the larger issue of Health Safety. I have only heard one report by a sister of a friend who lives on the beach of S. Carolina, who has moved inward to the center of Virginia to get away from any possible harm to her family and child. I have searched blog after blog and have found virtually no reports about what is really going on! I urge all of you who read this post to check this link: May Levels of Toxic Gases in Gulf Back Up Claim Made by Lindsey Williams and then pass it on!
These findings are terrible!
Health Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide H2S is classed as a chemical asphyxiant, similar to carbon monoxide and cyanide gases. It inhibits cellular respiration and uptake of oxygen, causing biochemical suffocation. Typical exposure symptoms include:
0 – 10 ppm
Irritation of the eyes, nose and throat
10 – 50 ppm
Headache Dizziness Nausea and vomiting Coughing and breathing difficulty
50 – 200 ppm
Severe respiratory tract irritation Eye irritation/acute conjunctivitis Shock Convulsions Coma Death in severe cases
Prolonged exposures at lower levels can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, migraine headaches, pulmonary edema, and loss of motor coordination.

On May 3 WWLTV reported that the level of Hydrogen Sulfide was recorded at 1,192 ppb! It kills you at 50-200 ppb!!! Yet it is being tested frequently above 1,000 ppb.
Folks this is just ONE of many poisons coming from the oil and don't forget that COREXIT is a deadly poison being sprayed on not just the oil but the towns as well.
We are being lied to and a lot of those folks down there are going to die from exposure to these chemicals. I have heard reports of fishermen trying to use respirators while on clean up and they have been told by BP if they wear them they will be fired. You see it is a LIABILITY issue if BP admits there is danger...Is feeding the beast worth their lives and the lives of their children and family?
I was a deep sea diver in Alaska during the Exxon Valdez accident in which they used COREXIT. There were more than 7,000 people involved in the cleanup-THEY ALL DIED!!!!
No matter how you look at this disaster it is going to get very bad for a lot of folks.

But don't worry because Barry Soetoro has signed a new Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification” Yup, read that one again-Lifestyle Behavior Modification!! Do you like a shot of whiskey now and then? Perhaps a cigar? Maby you like to relax and have a beer with a steak on the bar-b-q? Well then you will most definitely need "behavior Modification". Because you are obviously too incompetent as a human being to make free will choices for yourself. Don't worry Nanny.Gov will take care of you. If you are too fat according to the "panel of experts" well then your food vouchers can surely be cut so you lose that unwanted fat. Not exercising enough? Well they have the mandatory volunteer program to whip you into shape. Don't like Big Brother telling you what to do? Well they have a Behavior Modification Camp that's ready for you. Link: http://www.infowars.com/obama-issues-executive-order-mandating-lifestyle-behavior-modification/

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