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Monday, April 5, 2010

I now own a cow!

I am so happy lately to be able to have fresh, raw milk from both cow and goat coming from a local farmer who loves her cows and chickens. She only feeds them organic food, are minimally vaccinated and wander around freely like they should. They are big, fat, healthy and happy looking animals. I have been buying milk and eggs from her for several months. Around here organic eggs from the grocery store cost more than 5 dollars a dozen and organic milk is more than 5 dollars for a half gallon! YIKES! If you have a family that can be quite a chunk of change in your weekly grocery bill. My family will go through 2 dozen eggs and a couple gallons of milk, easily, each week. Now in comparison I pay this farm $2.50 for a dozen organic eggs that come in a beautiful variety of colors from light pink to blue and green to dark chocolate brown. It's like Easter every Friday when they are delivered. My milk costs $5 dollars for a gallon with the cream still on top. I just love Fridays when our delivery comes. More often than not the eggs and milk are still warm; the eggs having just been gathered and the milk from a recent milking. Oh and the smell and taste of fresh milk is like liquid flowers. So sweet and fresh. I grew up on fresh raw milk and have never been able to drink milk from the store.
If you figure out the math buying 2 dozen eggs and 3 gallons of milk each week from her I am paying only $20 dollars a week from her as opposed to $40 dollars a week from the store-a savings of $20 dollars a week! I actually save even more than that because the cream on the top of the milk I skim off and make butter or sour cream which saves me from having to buy them from the store except for only occasionally.
Well, this wonderful little farm has been left alone until recently when the state I guess finally took notice. They have been told to either jump through hoops and become a "class B" dairy - which means lots of drugs & regulation - or stop selling their milk. So, like many small farms run by people that are educated, aware and care about their animal, their product and NOT pumping them (and us) full of poisons, they found a way to get around the ridiculous regulation.
Since it is not illegal (at least not yet), to drink raw milk from your own cows they have sold shares of their cows to all their customers. I now own a few shares of a cow and instead of paying them for the milk, I pay them for housing and feeding "my" cow. Ya gotta love it!
Keep on Preppin Folk!

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1 comment:

Joel the K said...

That is fantastic OP! I salute you and the farmer for standing up to the poison-pumping monstrosity. I must find a farm where I can own shares of a milk-cow. Ingenius!

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