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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This article here is the most disturbing article I've read in a very long time. It has made me sad and seriously concerned. It seems a psychological experiment was done on a group of people to see if they could be turned into torturers!!!!!!! Can you believe it? "The Game of Death" its called. This group of people thought they were on a TV pilot for a game show. They were to be contestants. They were required to "zap a man with electricity until he cries for mercy -- then zap him again until he seems to drop dead". This makes me sick and scared but it gets better because what do you think the out come of this little experiment was? " 80 percent of the contestants went all the way, zapping the victim with the maximum 460 volts until he appeared to die. Out of 80 players, just 16 walked out. Think about that folks! We have been fluoridated, chemical-ized, beaten down, dumbed down and anaesthetised. We have been reduced to slaves performing like gladiators for the king! We've sold our soul for a buck-we'll kill for the almighty dollar in front of an audience! So sad.........read the article here:
Contestants turn torturers in French TV experiment
News of the Day:
Would U.S. Troops Fire On Americans?
Pharma Backed Australian of the Year Psychiatrist Wants Millions in Government Funding for Brave New World of “Pre-Drugging” Kids
Census Law
Stupak: Health Care Bill is About Eugenics
C-FAM Stands By Girl Scout Sex Manual Story
Survey: One-Third of Doctors May Leave Practice if Health Care Bill Passes
Dreier Says Health Bill Would Pass if Dems Can Use Slaughter Rule

Pelosi Readies “Self-executing” Fascism to Force Obamacare on Americans
Pelosi: ‘Once we kick through this door,’ more reform will follow
Obama agencies invoking secrecy provision more often than under Bush
The next big bailout is on the way. Prepare to get reamed!
Shameful Anti-Free Speech Lobby Labels Questioning Government “Hate”
Hundreds Of Americans File Complaints Over Naked Body Scanners
George Soros Conspires with United Nations to Kill Second Amendment

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