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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Items to have in your "Bug out" Back pack

Things are indeed heating up and this new year looks pretty bleek. Last year I made some predictions about 2010 to my family based on news articles I was reading and sure enough it looks like since all the plans are in place they are indeed moving forward.

I am going to focus my blog for awhile on the prepared "bug out" back packs we have. It is of course the last option. But a time may come where we have to leave our home and possibly leave in a hurry. I feel I must be prepared to "grab and go". I have a family of four. Two adults and two kids aged 9 and 10. The back packs are larger for us adults and heavier of course. Our packs are 7000 cubic inches when expanded fully so they can hold, honestly, more than I can carry. I chose to buy the largest ones for us because I wanted the ability to fill it if needed.

Pictured is the contents of a "survival container", one for each person, that easily fits in a pocket. We all have a fishermans type vest which carries various containers like this one. I have a few different varieties of these small containers so that if something happens and you lose the pack you still have some basic survival gear on your body.

This container is a small play dough container but could be anything of an appropriate pocket size and yet holds plenty with a little ingenuity.

Contents: various sized fishing hooks, bobbers, and various weights, strong fishing line wrapped around a piece of plastic. This can be used for fishing or snare traps for birds or even stitching up a cut if needed. There is a lighter and small swiss army type knife. Various sized needles for sewing, make sure you have a couple with large eyes. A big roll of sinew which can be natural or synthetic, both are equally strong and useful. Sinew can be used for a trap for small animal, sewing up just about anything, tying down or lashing together a tarp or sticks for lean-to/shelters. I love this stuff. It can be separated into small, thin strands for light sewing or thicker strands for heavier stuff like gloves or jeans or left whole for lashing. It is very light weight yet strong and you can have a large amount in a relatively small roll. Taped to the outside is a survival blanket.

Tomorrow I will continue with a section of our packs.
Keep on Preppin!

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Badrockbilly said...

You've got a great looking site,great links and videos. Best wishes from the Flathead Valley.

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