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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another great survival site to check out

As long as we are talking about survival situations, survival bags and supplies, there is a web site I hope all of you will check out. It's called Survival Outdoor Skills. Find it here: http://www.survivaloutdoorskills.com/ I really like this site and have referred to it often and used a lot of the suggestions. It is run by US Army Ranger (Ret.) Rick F. Tscherne. I learned a lot from his writings, and learned easier ways to do some of the outdoor things I was already doing. He sells an item called "The Ranger Rick Digest". I bought these a while back and not only enjoyed the military humor and comics that were in them but learned a lot. His suggestions make sense and they work! I am in the process of looking for a long stick of bamboo to make a survival walking stick. Just one of his many good ideas. Another idea he had was to use an IMPS (that stands for; Individual Multi Purpose Survival) net for fishing. I am hoping to find one at our local Army Surplus store next time I go into town. He also has a great article on making your own spark type lighter/fire starter. here: http://www.survivaloutdoorskills.com/zips_and_spark_lites.htm I hope you check it out.
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Please know: I am Black; I grew up in the segregated South. I did not vote for Obama

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