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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fear Mongering the sheeple

I have been watching what has been going on this past week with real awe. At first I was admittedly scared, terrified even. I have little ones I am responsible for and of course the fear of a PANDEMIC hit it's target in me like most every one else I know. I honestly had a few days of absolute panic in my gut. Understandable of course. Running in between my fear though was outrage that this was and is a laboratory designed, bio engineered virus. The outrage that this was planned and delivered to us is my most overwhelming feeling these days. I have had time to digest the fear and panic and I feel we as a family will deal with whatever comes our way. We are not wholly unprepared. This is of course THEIR agenda. This is designed to fear monger, terrify, stupefy and immobilize the sheeple. The "Ministry of Propaganda" aka fox, cnn, msnbc etc., are constantly, incessantly regurgitating FEAR, PANIC and "global issues" to control us and get us accustomed to their total control over every facet of our lives. The REAL fear these days comes when I hear them blathering on about having to give up some "basic freedoms" in order to be safe. It sounds reasonable to most ears, no one wants to catch a deadly virus. The bigger issue is of course that once they take a freedom away they will not give it back! Going to the movies, going to church, going anywhere that is not designated as allowed by them for fear that someone will pass on this "deadly virus" is a loss of our First Amendment "Freedom to Assemble". Coincidentally this comes after all the End The Fed rallies, Tea Parties and mass protests against the bailout. We are making a difference and people are waking up and they cannot allow that. Our Fourth Amendment is gone when they enter our houses to search us to see if we are sick or pull us over at warren less check points and take blood or tissue sample, which they are doing all across the country. If we give in to just these two, they will take them all. We MUST stand fast and continue to wake people up. The fight has only just begun. Do not give in to their designer fear. Yes this is serious. They have designed a biological virus that has the potential to be deadly when, in my opinion, they release the needed agent to turn it into a REAL killer. WE MUST keep fighting this even harder now. The sheeple need to know that this was designed and released on us. They need to know that the drug company that this government has chosen to come up with a "vaccine" is BAXTER laboratories. This is the same company that, just last month, sent out vaccines to 18 different countries with LIVE bird flu virus in them. Now that would have definitely set off a pandemic if it had not been caught by the lab technician! These are corrupt people that have an agenda and we must keep educating people on it. Our only hope is to continue to scream from the roof tops! This is about THEM taking over OUR country and seeing what they can get away with. This is a designed distraction. No one I know is paying attention to the bills being put through the House and Congress. Gun reloading bans, Supreme Court Justice David Souter out of the blue gave his resignation, a new hate crime bill that passed last week gives protection to homosexuals and gags pastors (or anyone) from speaking against it in anyway. (I must add here that it is not a big concern of mine what a persons sexual preference is. I grew up in San Francisco and have had many friends that were "gay". My issue is that with this new bill we have lost our First Amendment-freedom of speech and religion!) The car companies are going bankrupt and coming under Federal control, our dollar is going to worth less than the peso in a month! And we continue to lose jobs, houses and freedoms. Again, this is a designed distraction! As it stands right now you have more of a chance of dieing from a coconut hitting your head than from this swine flu! How many people die from auto accidents every year? Thousands! Are we going to outlaw driving? Please don't be distracted from the real issues here. Keep spreading the word. Keep talking. Keep educating everyone you know. Sooner or later they too will be awake and able to see the agenda.
And for heavens sake don't take ANY vaccine!
Knowledge IS Power!
Stay safe.

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