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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ides of March

The Canadian military is 'getting ready for domestic violence'. Read article Canadian Military Units To Undertake "Domestic Security" here: http://www.infowars.com/canadian-military-units-to-undertake-%E2%80%9Cdomestic-security%E2%80%9D/ It seems that Canada is doing openly what the US military had been doing here. This is disturbing news. I have family in Canada but also it just shows how things are heating up. Canada is readying their "fema" camps and this quote from the article was most disturbing: “We are training to establish a perimeter,” said Brigadier-General Jean Collin. “Do I see a scenario when we might be obliged to keep people in? Probably. You need to be trained to be able to make sure that you don’t become a casualty in the process of doing that security.” WOW! Read that again! I tend to look at the news like a chess board. My Dad taught me to see problems and life like a chess board. See your moves, but also see the opponents moves. That philosopy has served me well in my life. But since I "woke up" and took the "red pill" so to speak, :) I see the news and current events as closing in on us friends.
Beware the Ides of March keeps going thru my head. I can't say why, maby it's just paranoid nerves, but the month of March has my gut in knots! March has always been my favorite month. I love it. But since February, I gotta tell ya, I have been feeling increasingly unsettled. We got our 'bug out' gear in order last weekend. We've gone over and discussed our options and plans and I mostly feel as prepared for any thing as you can get I think. At some point you gotta just say "ok, I'm done". You go on living your life as happily as possible and know in your heart that you'll just deal with what ever does come your way as best as you can. The number one killer and enemy you have in any emergency is Fear and Panic! Take a deep breath and think! Don't panic, go about your plan as calmly and quickly as possible.
Keep on preppin!
Peace to us all!

1 comment:

Kymber said...

Hey OP...another great post!

However, having served in the Canadian Forces for 10 years and having seen a lot of changes to the CF during that time (I joined the "Canadian Armed Forces" but when I left we were called the "Canadian Peacekeeping Forces" - big difference there!)...I feel the need to step in and point a few things out.

The first thing to point out is that the Infowars article links to the ACTUAL article from the Canadian National Post...check out the article from the National Post as it explains a lot more about the Canadian government is doing and is much less worrisome than the Infowars article.

Secondly - the Reservists in Canada are being trained to deal with domestic security issues - that might sound like FEMA to Americans but we don't have a FEMA in Canada. But here in Canada, “domestic security issue” translates to floods, ice storms, downed telephone poles and/or a large traffic jam on one of our national highways...THOSE are the types of domestic security issues that we deal with on a regular basis and those types of issues always involve bringing in our military - to HELP!

Another example of the Canadian Forces being called in to help was during the aftermath of Katrina in New Orleans. Our forces landed 5 days before anyone else and they helped to rescue people!

Again…I can’t stress enough that the National Post article that is linked to in the Infowars article explains in much better detail what the Reservists in Canada are training for. And I have so much more to say but this is becoming a real long-winded comment!

Anyway…I love your posts! Please keep ‘em coming!

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