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Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday February 2, 2009

Well my fellow bloggers I was reminded of something today I thought I'd pass on to help understand what we go through and what our friends and family go through. It's called the 7 stages of grief and they are as follows. 1. shock or disbelief. 2. Denial. 3. Anger. 4. Bargaining/excuses 5. Guilt. 6. Depression. 7. Acceptance and Hope.
I am sure you will all recognize where you are on this scale. Hopefully you have gotten through number 7! I have worked my way through it but looking back, man it was a test! I can see where my friends or family members are on this scale and you know, it helps me be a little extra patient. A little extra understanding. This is absolutely a grief process! We are grieving for our way of life, our freedoms, our children's future. We are grieving for A LOT! When we understand that I think it helps. You can realize it's a process, a natural process, we humans use to come to terms with things. Things that may feel at this moment much to bear! Like how to prepare, how to afford all we need, where to go, when to go. All the worries that we preppers carry with us as we prepare to face what is coming. Then hopefully once you get through the whole process you get righteously angry!
I have recently purchased a book by Linda Runyon on edible wild foods and have to recommend it to everyone! The recipes using the wild food looks delicious and I cant wait for spring and trying things like clover flour bread!
I would like to recommend and chat about a few things I always have on hand and have used for 20+ years. I have used and count on for their antimicrobial/antiviral/antibiotic properties these 4 items: Colloidal silver, Grapefruit seed extract and Elder berry and Vitamin C. I read recently Elderberry has been proven to work against bird flu! It is a fantastic immune stimulant. Colloidal Silver has been proven to start killing over 650 different pathogens within 6 minutes. Wow! My family NEVER takes or uses any sort of antibiotic. Whenever we have a need for them we use the Colloidal Silver and/or Grapefruit seed extract. If we get a scratch that looks like its getting infected we will wash it with the silver and it heals overnight. If we feel a cold coming on or someone visits with one, we all take a "shot" of silver and grapefruit seed and take extra vitamin C. We make our "shot" with cranberry juice in a small glass and mix in the silver and/or grapefruit seed. Some grapefruit seed extracts can be a bit sour and mixing with cranberry juice makes a tasty drink. We are never sick. My Mom has a staph infection in a leg bone, (which she got while in the hospital), which periodically flares up and the infection comes to the surface of her leg. It was always horribly painful and would last months until it subsided. (She is allergic to all penicillin) Then I learned about the Silver and Grapefruit seed. Since then as soon as she feels the infection flaring up she will start taking the "shot" of Silver and Grapefruit seed and the infection NEVER flares up and makes it to the surface any more and she has no more pain. I am of course not giving out medical advice but sharing ideas that work for my family. When the world economy crashes I will have plenty of these items on hand and put my trust in theses items! I've given links below on where to get these items from the companies that I trust and have used for years.
I have to say thank you to Joel's Friday show and Big John for reminding me how to pray! Pray for your family and KNOW that it is so!

It's your movie, take the lead role and make it a good one!

Colloidial Silver: www.oxysilver.com/1187
Elderberry: www.Herbalhealer.com


American Prepper said...

Thanks for the links, I'm going to have to come back to them when I have a little more time. Thinking about the 7 stages of grief, I think most people are at 2 right now in regards to the economy

Dr. Richard said...

Grapefruit seed extract is a miracle natural medicine. The stuff kills cold viruses. Every year, I would get one or two bad colds/flu that always would take 2 weeks or so to go away. Two days into my most recent cold, I got some GSE. Took 15 drops diluted in water in the morning and another 10 drops after dinner and the cold was gone and I was able to breath again by the time I went to bed. Vitamin C never seemed to do anything for me but I still take it. Likewise, the elderberry didn't seem to make a difference by itself but might be useful as part of a cocktail combined with GSE and other natural medicines. All are good to stock and are far more likely to cure disease in a pandemic than visiting a hospital (death zone).

Joel the K said...

Wow. Thanks O.P., I did not know about Grapefruitseed xtrct. I will get a supply for the anti-plague kit immediately. Again, thanks.

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