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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Ready With Supplies and God

I know I haven't posted in more than a week, I've been taking a seminar on energetic body work-which is what I do here in my town. I do CranioSacral, Matrix Energetics and Reiki. But friends, I have to tell you I've also had a bit of a mental meltdown. The reality of all of this can be soooo overwhelming and past all our comfort zones. Sometimes the reality of what we are preparing for can just make you feel so devastated and unable to meet the needs of all the preparations and responsibilities. The news just this past week has been unreal! The EPA Wants To Regulate Colloidal Silver as Pesticide! So please buy some here: www.oxysilver.com/1187 or get a really groovy Solar Colloidial Silver generator from Big John here: http://www.solarpoweredcs.com. I ordered some of the silver because I trust the product and have used it for years. It's a potent product. But we recently decided to also buy the solar generator because we are pretty sure that there may come a time when we cannot buy the product and feel better with the ability to make our own. The dreaded Codex Alimentarus has reared it ugly head here in the U.S. too. Big pharma has managed to get a ban started on vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is needed for protein metabolism, red blood cell metabolism, and proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems folks. Can you imagine the audacity of a plan that will make it illegal to get any and all vitamin supplements without a doctors prescription! We have troop activity and build up. We have information on fema camps all over main stream news now. I've heard about and read about those very scary fema trains being seen recently moving across the United States in mass. Those multi layer trains, the ones with shackles in them, have been seem moving and heading East! I've read about HASMAT and biological task forces setting up all over the East but especially in Illinois. I've recently read articles and seen videos on how Slave Mart (walmart) is going to be the processing center for all those fema camp residents. And just the other day our very own slave mart in my little town began building a reinforced 4-5 foot concrete wall/barricade all along it's front roof overlooking its parking lot! Any ideas what that would be for? All the people I've talked to, the ones awake anyway, all figure it would be perfect for the troops to hide behind. Scary stuff!
But what I hope you all go away with after reading this blog is confidence, optimism and enthusiasm. Not the fear of the times. It's funny how the very seminar that started my little mental melt down also held the very key for balance that I was missing or had forgotten. I am a very balanced, grounded person most of the time. But what I was fighting with was how do I instill in my children hope for the future while at the same time looking this evil in the eye and preparing for possible Armageddon? I think it comes down to choice. I choose to hold in my attention the positive. I choose to allow Divinity to work through me, guide me and lead me. If there was a huge tornado heading my way I would prepare and take shelter but I would also want to leave room for Divine intervention. I've realized the situation we are in is no different than preparing for a bad storm. There may be a huge tsunami heading our way folks and the shit may indeed hit the fan, but I choose to act not react. I and my family will prepare as best we can but I will not internalize the fear of the times. That only creates more of it and fear creates inaction. Fear is the antithesis of life and what the enemy wants us in. When you are coming from a place of fear you make mistakes and bad choice. I take responsibility for my life and choose to try to make the lives I touch better and will do so until my last breath. For me it's not about getting out of debt or having enough ammunition or food or supplies, it's about living and honest life. It starts in YOU, in your heart, with your intentions and what you hold most dear. I owe it to my family, my friends and clients to live a life of positive intention, a life filled moment by moment with love, achievement, ambition, faith, desires, dreams, imagination and confidence.....to do otherwise just gives our power to the enemy.
Does all this mean that I live with blinders on or are looking through "rose colored glasses"? Absolutely not! I am very aware of the seriousness of our situation but the enemy wants us scared and defeated. I think what makes us human beings so powerful is our ability to face evil and yet not embrace it! To stand up to evil tyrants and not bow down and cower in fear. To live a life of love and defend what is so important to us, while not sacrificing the Divinity in each and every one of us.
I was reminded of the song "Que sara sara-what ever will be will be, the futures not ours to see, que sara sara". Live with confidence not fear! I wish you all peace.


Joel the K said...

I am with you O.P., I know what you are saying. Despair and mental/spiritual depression can be overwhelming. Especially when health problems plague us. I used to get so much peace from my faith. Oh man, I used to wake up at 4:30 AM, and pray and meditate, and read scripture, and pray rosaries, and practice Kriya yoga. I had actual spiritual revelations, and visions would appear to me, the bliss was the highest I could ever imagine. Then I began to see that almost every picture on my walls and on my shrine, had masonic symbols and hand gestures. 95% of my pics, framed pictures of Jesus and Mary and Icons from different countries and faiths, they almost all had the masonic marks hidden in plain view. I cant even begin to tell you what that did to me. The lies run so deep. And no matter what religion or faith it is, there are lies and deceit in every single one of them. So I went into myself, to try and figure myself out, body and soul. I have discovered that if I am growing, I am fresh and vibrant and fairly satisfied. By growing I mean learning and creating and contributing and helping. Even little things like practicing learning a language, or building a dog-house. As long as I am growing, expanding my range so to speak, then I feel pretty good about life. I know death will come sooner or later, and I do not want to have regrets. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Get your prep on!
-Joel out.

RoadScribe said...

Rock on South Dakota. I got to learn how you put that monitor of Alex's video on the top of your blog. Man that is the way to get the word out like the "Activity Update." And dig this, listening to Alex I found out why I was having blood sugar drops and gaining weight.

Kymber said...

That was an awesome post and thanks for sharing your feelings and vulnerabilities without fear. At some point throughout all of this - we will all fall into moments of doubt and frustration and hope will seem like a very difficult thing. That's why I really enjoy being part of this network - we can help to prop each other up and lean on each other when needed. Sometimes its as easy as reading someone's post on the APN or CPN...just the other day I was feeling a little glum about the situation and was perusing the Network and found several posts that put a smile on my face and put me in a good mood.
Again - thanks for sharing your feelings so honestly! Take care and I wish you peace!

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