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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday January 27, 2009

Well, like a lot of you preppers out there you probably have moments of doubt. "Is it really going to be as bad as I think", "maby so and so is right and I'm just a bit over reacting". Any of you have those kinds of thoughts? A moment of weakness or doubt? Maby it's just wishful thinking or a fear that I wont be up to the task.....Guaranteed an hour or a day or two later I will again look up from my little world and read a headline :Global warming 'irreversible' for next 1,000 years, study finds (what a crock of you know what!!!!). Or hear Obaaaaaama talking about the carbon tax (that really makes my blood boil! Think about actually being taxed fro BREATHING!!!!) Or see an interview with some elitist Illuminati talking head, or always the MOST sobering of all is when my kids are outside playing and they come running in to tell me the sky is full of chemtrail grids!! Clouds of poison floating down on all of us, designed to kill us. It is so very infuriating and yet I find myself always renewed with a fresh vigor and sense of motivation and responsibility.
It reminds me why we are all working so hard to prepare for whatever is headed our way. Animals in the wild can sense when a big storm is headed there way. They can feel the energy change in the air or something. Maby it smells different. I don't know. But what I do know is there is a storm headed our way my friends and I can feel it too, I taste it in the air. When I stand on my porch there is an almost overwhelming feeling of the entire planet holding it's breath, the calm before the storm.
I know this feeling. I grew up on the ocean and I was a deep sea diver in Alaska for a lot of years. My living was on the ocean and let me tell you, you listened, you used your extra senses and you had respect for it's power. This feeling is like those I had before a big storm moved in except bigger. It's time to find a safe harbor and soon!
I think all of us preppers feel this sense of "something" on the horizon. We can all point to this or that opinion but I think it really comes down to a sense of urgency to prepare as best we can for whatever storm strikes. The reality is we are trying to prepare for someone else's agenda and we don't have the full plan. We can make educated guesses and plan for most likely scenarios but the reality is we can't know for certain the type of storm that is going to hit.
But you know, I am OK with not knowing their evil agenda. I have such a sense of peace most days now. Yes there is a storm on the horizon but we are preparing and I am not alone! All of you are preparing as I am. It's comforting to know that you are not crazy, or if you are, you are in good company :)
I am re-learning how to read the signs the earth is giving me. I grew up knowing how to read and listen to the ocean. I am now learning how to read and listen to our mother earth. She talks to me too now. An old time farmer knew how to read the earth, my friends the Lakota know how, and now I am learning how. I am working on planning my garden and waiting expectantly for Big John's seeds to get here. I am planning an outdoor garden but I have also been learning about hydroponics and plan on having a small hydo garden for herbs and salad and such inside. I've added a link to what I think is the best site for hydroponic equipment. They have this great tray that self waters so it fits my busy life perfectly. Be sure to check it out. I've also been working towards my Masters in Herbology so have been learning a lot about herbs and there uses which is a very important thing to know. I love the company Herbal Healer. The people over there have been working and fighting the FDA and Codex Ailmentarious which would take away our right to buy herbs and supplements without a Dr. prescription, for years. They are a great resource. My next post I will list some herbal necessities to add to your medical kit for all of you who are new to herbs.
But what I am most excited about is the site at "of the field.com". A woman named Linda Runyon has put together some of the best information on edible plants and how to use them! She has a books that list edible plants that can be found in all 50 states with how to identify, gather, prepare, store and enjoy an endlessly nutritious and renewable resource! The book is full of data, charts, nutritional breakdowns, and a poisonous look-alike section. And when you gather your bounty, there's even tried and tested recipes. I can't wait to try the red clover flour. So the point of this wonderful book to me is even tho we may have prepared for years and have everything we need to eat for the next 10 years; what if you have to bug out of your safe place and leave all your precious stored food? This book will feed you no matter where you find yourself!
Have a wonderful day fellow preppers,



Joel the K said...

Great stuff O.P., I like what you have to say about intuition. I had a post at patriots cave on dec. 27th,2008, its on archives if you want to see it, but I felt something that day, in the air, violent war-vibes. Found out a few days later Gaza was invaded on the 27th. So i know what you mean.

Shy Wolf said...

I get that feeling quite often, OP- so glad to know I'm not alone. I'll be watching you eastern border.
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