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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21, 2009 My First Blog

Wow, How do I start? First let me say welcome!
This is my first blog and I am so happy to be a part of this preppers network. What a great bunch of people to be associated with.
We are all, I believe, just trying to make sense of this out of balance world we find ourselves in. Trying to make sense of the treason, injustices, atrocities, wars and threats that loom on the horizon. I think we are all alike in our concern for our future, our families, our friends, our way of life. But I must give thanks and and a big Namaste to all of you who are here on this path with us. I give thanks to all of you who are searching, as we all are, for a better way, for safety, for answers, for understanding. I have hope, I choose hope, and I believe that no matter what the future brings, together we will prevail. I believe, I choose to believe, that good will always overcome evil. I do not doubt that we will have to make choices and sometimes they will be hard choices, hard sacrifices and our lives may be turned on it's head, but that reality does not diminish my faith, hope, dreams or aspirations of a better future for my children no matter how dire and frightening it may seem.
I have in my heart and soul the strength of my immigrant forefathers. I look at pictures of my Grandfather and Grandmother who came over from Italy only speaking a couple of words of English, fleeing from the tyranny of Mussolini, having watched 2 of their sons tortured to death in front of them because they were part of the "resistance" and I know in my heart that their strength to fight for a better world, a more sane way of life, runs in my veins as well!
I sincerely hope that all of you that join my blog and follow my rants, receive as much strength from me as I do from you by just knowing you and I are walking a similar path, we are not alone. We have a lot of work to do but I know that together we can overcome.
I do not have all the answers. Indeed I feel I am lacking a lot of answers. But what I do have is a path. I have a focus on the horizon. I have my Faith. That is what keeps me going. As I follow this path I make adjustments but as long as I keep going, keep moving forward, stay focused on the horizon, the goal, things don't seem so impossible.
I look forward to sharing this path with you and sharing all my teachings, hints, thoughts and hopes.
I salute you all in Light, Love and Peace


American Prepper said...

Good Job Outraged Patriot!

Bullseye said...

Great post and welcome to the network. Keep preppin.

Shy Wolf said...

Welcome, Outraged- wonderful of you to join us. So glad you've the patriot blood running in your veins.
Keep your Spirit warm and fed, Victoria, and He will guard your steps.

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